Questions about upgrading your membership!

30 May 2016

Hello members!


We want to explain how upgrading your membership works.  If for example you purchase a 500 Euro package, on May 1st, and you wanted to upgrade your account to a premium account on July 1st, you will...

Creating Great Success

23 May 2016

We have had great success these last two weeks.  With success there is also growth.  Please be patient with us as we will be transferring to a new server within the next few weeks.  We will also be adding...

Bit Coin Payments

14 May 2016

Due to the overwhelming amount of members coming in.  Please send all receipts of your bitcoin payment to your upline and to the company e-mail address to:

Over 150 members in the first 24 hours!!!

10 May 2016

WOW!  Simply amazing!  in our first 24 hours over 150 members have signed up.  We were expected to have a splash but this is an amazing splash that we have experienced.  Sadly, even though we hav...

Bit Coin Acceptance

09 May 2016

It only makes sense for a company who is involved with cryptocurrency to accept cryptocurrency. Because of this it’s essential that we accept bitcoin for the payment from our members, our services, and products that are avai...