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Questions about upgrading your membership!

30 May 2016

Hello members!

We want to explain how upgrading your membership works.  If for example you purchase a 500 Euro package, on May 1st, and you wanted to upgrade your account to a premium account on July 1st, you will need to pay 1,000 euro for that package.  You will keep the same actual account except that you will have a Rookie membership and Premium membership combined onto one actual account.  You will be paid for  both the Rookie and the Premium account simultaneously.  The Rookie membership and your benefits will expire on the 26th week which we could guess would be November 1st.  Your Premium membership will still be active until it’s time to repurchase which will be January 1st.  
When you do repurchase you will only be repurchasing at the highest level of your membership.  We hope this explains some of the confusion on how upgrading your account works.