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Bit Coin Acceptance

09 May 2016

It only makes sense for a company who is involved with cryptocurrency to accept cryptocurrency. Because of this it’s essential that we accept bitcoin for the payment from our members, our services, and products that are available to the world. With 18 months long of preparation for Eden Life Club this was one of the most important and easy decisions amongst the staff and consultants that are apart of the Eden Life Club success.

Just like all other currency the price of the bitcoin will increase and decrease as time provides. Eden Life Club (ELC) will be accepting bitcoin based on a valuation of bitcoin to the Euro. This is important to understand also during the process of allowing members to receive their rewards and earnings when it’s time. The acceptance of bitcoin as a payment gateway amongst other cryptocurrencies is important for the expansion of the company and for expanding knowledge to the masses.

Other payment gateways will be announced as time permits, please keep a lookout every few days in the news area for these important notices. Further information and instructions will be sent to members.

Thank you,

Eden Life Club Staff